Using ColdFusion Web service development, projects related to Education Industry and Project  management application can be executed. Described below are some sample projects :

Leading Education Assessment system using - ColdFusion & J2EE

Coldfusion cms can  build software which is highly customizable, secure and provides an online technology platform that is designed for the ongoing collection of assessment and portfolio data for students. With the help of this software the Students can build any kind of assessment, developmental, or showcase portfolio they desire for. Their portfolios can demonstrate a single or multiple skills, which  consists of  artifacts that reveal a whole lot of accomplishments, display how they have completed a assignment, and reveal their reflections on assessments and set a benchmark for performing tasks which is required throughout their academic careers. The Faculty members, assessors and staff can build course curriculum, assignments and scoring rubrics tied to any standards specified or desired.  The Faculty can  give ratings  and comment on individual or group student's  electronic portfolio submissions,  through  e-mail as well as within the portfolio itself. The software  provides the  administrators and faculty members  with easy to use tools for managing ongoing assessments and documenting student's work. 

The technology used here are Coldfusion web application development  & J2EE. The presentation tier consists of HTML, JavaScript and ColdFusion CFML . The business tier  includes ColdFusion custom tag and Components. The database  used is Oracle 10g. The configuration tool used is Perforce .The build tool used here Maven. The Dashboard Tool is Java, Spring IOC, Spring DAO, Oracle 10g, NetUI, Page Flow Controller and Log4j.

Maintenance/Migration/Enhancement and Support of Project Tracker Application.

This is a global application that helps the procurement team to capture the on going initiatives, pipeline initiatives, and cost/budgets/milestones etc. Its planning and tracking function helps to meet project deadlines..It efficiently manages the  projects and virtually eliminates employees idle time, providing them a complete task schedule and a project development plan. It Improves team communication, by providing  the message boards, file repositories and e-mail notifications  to the team members in real-time. This tool  helps to  manages the  workload through time logs. It also Generates reports from existing, pre-defined templates   using the Report Generator tool. It even creates project specific information/Savings information based on each region/business units and sites. Tracks all Project Milestones, Key actions, Project Managers, Team Members, Annual Spend, Addressable Spend, Savings Measures etc in an appropriate manner.  Each project stage has been tracked and given the option to move each region/business unit project from development stage to implementation stage. It is a complete Project Management tool with different type of access levels. 

Effective Quality assurance and adherence to Quality Process and process documents in every stage of project handling have been ensured. It identifies Leads and Business Opportunities.. The tool has adequate expertise in Functional Knowledge pertaining to Retail and CPG industry.  The core technology used here is ColdFusion Custom tag development .The Presentation tier used here is HTML, JavaScript and CFML. The Business Tier used is ColdFusion Components (CFC). Database is Oracle 10g.